Monday, February 9, 2009

Calling all cold warriors the Obama administration is telling the Russians that we are defunct.................

and that everything that was achieved during the cold war
was all for naught! !

Warning! Language not appropriate for children!
Let the games begin.
This last bit of info. was relayed to me by my wife via a website she frequents. And as a person that served as an Army Ranger during the cold war, my nuts were frosted by the Obama admin. telling Russia that we are not going put up the missile defense system. Well right now I’m going to put it short for the little piece of shit we had forced on us to call president and all of his of his little buddies’ that we call our enemy . WELL YOU ALL CAN KISS MY BIBLE CLINGING, GUN CARRYING, AVERAGE WHITE ASS!!! I DIDN’T BUST IT ALL OF THAT TIME SO YOU COULD SURRENDER OUR SOUVERNTY TO THE ANTI- CHRIST. ASSHOLE!
When, in the name of God are ‘We The People’ going to make those ass wipes in D.C. realize that they work for us and don’t control us? It seems voting doesn’t work because that has been corrupted. Flooding phone lines doesn’t work because they don’t listen or care anyway. Is history ready to repeat itself? Are we headed for another tea party? That spawn of the devil himself hasn’t sat in the Oval Office for a month and already our country has descended into something we barely recognize. If ‘We The People’ don’t do something to stop the madness going on in Washington ASAP, this country will be no longer and all the blood and guts that have been spilled to uphold our nation, our freedom, will have been for naught.
The Liberal left had the audacity to say the last administration was infringing on our freedoms. HA! At least we were kept safe and had freedom! This megalomaniac wants to roll over while shitting his pants and hand the keys to the nation to the enemy! I say ENOUGH! This is cowardly corruption at the least but it is treason at best. Can you imagine if a conservative did these things? I say that false messiah who wasn’t even born in this country should just stick his tail between his legs and either step aside or be forced to do so. After all he already needed to ‘step away’ from the WH because the going got a little rough. What happens when that 3am phone call finally comes?

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Hello everybody I’m sorry that I have been away so long but I had a tragedy In the family my brother passed away, he was 38 years old. I’m not too sad about it though because I know that he is better off than the rest of us because he and the lord Jesus were very close and he is now safe in Gods hands. Amen.
Anyway we are now on the verge of a national melt down everybody that I have spoken to has told me that they did not vote for this obamination that’s both dem’s and rep’s . Watch out for what you say, think or do you might end up dead or worse. I as an American cannot grasp at the thought of this thing that we are forced to call president but as a servant of God it is perfectly clear. He is nothing but a beast in sheep’s clothing . Get used to the idea of if you don’t say things like be well citizen or you look great to anyone you see whether you think it or not because this thing will be watching you.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The NDE and Me

Maric recently suggested to me that I should write about my near death experience. WELL HERE GOES NOTHING : On Oct.30th, 2000, I discovered that I had been bitten by a spider of the exotic variety, it was a stowaway in a banana box that I was unloading at work. You see I was an inventory clerk for a periodicals distributor ( I scanned inventory). This place was a sickness waiting to happen or some bad accident or something. The spider which I will refer to from now on as Satan jr. or s.j. for short, had deposited her eggs in my left leg about four inches above the knee on the inside of my leg. This is where it gets interesting you see I have always been a workaholic and I liked what I was doing so I worked at least eleven hours a day six to seven days a week. Whenever I was at home it was only to sleep, shower, eat and be a real fiend to my wife which God bless her, she had every right to leave me but she never did, thanks maric. Anyway this job that I loved so much, it almost cost me my marriage, my health and my life. After the spider s.j. bit me I ended up with severe case of cellulites which almost killed me. Every year after that I got one infection after another, my back was ruined and I couldn’t work any more. The last time I got one of those nasty infections Jehovah God had said this is it, I’ve been trying to get your attention for forty two years now. You’re coming up here so I can talk to you face to face. That was July 4th 2006. I noticed that I was starting to get sick. No matter what I did I wasn’t getting any better. You see I’m a very stubborn man so I tried home remedies which maric had to help me with, God bless her heart. I prayed to God that if he would only say the word that I would be healed. No luck. You see I was suffering from a lack of faith. I believed that there was a God, I just didn’t know how real He was. Well I lingered on until September 11th 2006, No kidding! That was the day that I had to call an ambulance to take me to the hospital because my beautiful brown eyed girl couldn’t get me into the car to save my life. S.j.’s little bite had eaten away the muscles in my left leg and the infection spread throughout my body so finally I went forcibly to the hospital ( a note to guy’s whom think they are tough, don’t try this at home because of the following.)
The hospital stay (The nightmare that changed my life forever).

The last thing I remember about that day was my wife crying and saying that I looked like I was the walking dead. and Our dear friends Ray and Belle came to our rescue and as I was being put ambulance I saw Ray with a very concerned look on his face, after that it got kind of fuzzy for me because on the way to the hospital, as I was later told I went into respiratory distress. When I got to the hospital I became a teaching aid for medical students, you know a lab rat. First thing I remember was that they took me into a room to get a cat scan of my leg in which they dropped me on my back and worsening my previous condition. I forgot to tell you Satan juniors little bite also left me a diabetic. Because of my wife’s diligence was diet controlled until I went into the hospital and became their personal guinea pig. The next thing that I remember I was being wheeled into surgery and I was talking to the anestegeolgogist that’s not spelled right so please bear with me. I was trying to lighten the mood a little bit when I asked him if he was the gas passer. He got indignant with me and that’s when I should have known that I was in trouble because the next thing that I heard was doctor we’re losing him and then I saw that I was floating above the bed and the doctor was cutting into the wrong leg. I tried to tell him that, when all of a sudden I was in my living room floating above my couch and seeing my wife and her friend Pat sitting and suddenly I was walking, sitting on the front porch talking to my grandfather when he said ‘here take this’ and handed me a half moon fruit pie, a lemon and an R. C. cola and said ‘listen to me boy very carefully.’ When I said ‘Grandpap ( what I always called him that when he was still alive) where the heck am I and why am I talking to you? You’re supposed to be dead!’ That’s when he told me that I was dead and that we were in heaven. All of a sudden everything turned cerulean blue and that’s when I knew that I was in front of God and he told me that if I didn’t live my life the way that He wanted me to that I would be sent to hell and then he said to me that I was to go back and remind the world how much He loves us and to tell them what was about to happen and that’s when I was sent back to my grandpaps front porch and he told me that I had to return back to terra firma ( that’s what he always called earth ) because you have a lot of people praying and fighting for you to live especially that little brown eyed girl so go do what the good Lord told you to do and remember you were always my favorite. That’s when I started crying and I felt like I was six years old. I awoke seeing maric looking at me and I asked her if she still loved me and she said of course I do you dumb ass . Maric will have the rest of the story about her Christmas angel. Until next time this is gods ranger signing out.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Desecration’s that cause desolation.

Today in the news I heard that a sixty nine year old woman was attacked by a mob of gay marriage supporter’s !!! You see what we have become as a society? Our morals do not exist anymore, we do these things in the name of political correctness instead of doing what’s right. ‘We the people’ of the United State’s of America have turned our country into a Sodom and Gomorrah with our apathy. I want you to read the following and reflect on our country for a moment and you shall see a truth that will show what the liberal agenda of Obama will lead our country into.


In Revelation’s chapter’s 17, 18, 19, John the Revelator speaks of the great city of Babylon as being a great city full of sin that will fall in the space of about an hour. It will become desolate beyond description. He also tells of the greatness of this great city, of all the trade and of all the great works that it has done and how all of the world had drank of her wine and became drunk with all of her greatness and fornications. This is how the world will react after the reality of the Obama agenda sets in. After he bankrupts our government he will have to open up our gold reserves to pay for all of the debts that his administration has acquired. After that happens and the price of gold has become worthless we will fall into a financial abyss. The world will all lament the following, America has fallen whatever shall we do? There will no longer be hand outs to third world countries the world economies will all go into the toilet. If you don’t believe me just look at how the world markets have reacted since it was announced that he would become the next President of the United States of America. Our stock markets took a nose dive and when our markets fall so do the worlds. You see this is how God has put it to me when Obama bankrupts our country, we will have no alternative but to surrender our sovereignty to the U.N. and the world will ask him to become the leader of the U.N. And when that happens he will have a stranglehold on the entire world. This is the road we are on if we don’t change direction soon, ( I don’t think we can change and we are going to be destroyed). So at this time I will invite you to read Rev. 17, 18, 19. When you do you will see what I am talking about more clearly. But first I want to recommend that you pray on your own to God for guidance and understanding. Also please pray for me, my wife and that lady that got assaulted by that crowd of demons at that rally for gay marriage because she in particular is in for a huge fight. So until next time, this is gods ranger signing off with this, look up for your redemption is nigh.

With all of my love to my Brothers and Sisters in Christ.
Your Brother Gods ranger.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I just found out that when he takes office that he will immediately lift the ban on stem cell research and off shore drilling what’s next , cloning human beings?
If he does this prices will sky rocket, first gasoline price’s and then everything else will sky rocket it will be like a domino effect. As written in the book of Revelation’s or the book of the Apocalypse for our Catholic Brother’s and Sister’s “ A DAY’S WAGE FOR A LOAF OF BREAD “ trust me it’s coming . When he does this he will force more people to be dependent upon the government just to be able to eat and that will further his agenda as the chosen one. What’s next the mark of the beast? ( 666 ). Not yet but soon.


Hail Obama!, Hail Obama!, Hail Obama !,… When he lift’s the ban on stem cell research he will further his impression of being the savior of the whole human race and when that is proven to be a viable technology he will be able to lift the ban on cloning of human beings and with the science of bio - nanotechnology he will soon be able to over come death and people will see him as a deity and people will say “ see he is our savior he must be a reincarnation of Jesus. He just did the same thing as Jesus did when he said Lazarus come forth. That’s the Devil for you. Christian’s that voted for him don’t blame yourselves because it is written “HE WOULD FOOL THE ELECT IF IT WERE POSSIBLE”. I used to think that in this day and age that would not happen but I guess God knew better than that because Barrack Hussien Obama just did that. Be you not afraid for the Lord thy God is with thee. So until next time this is gods ranger saying read your Bible’s keep praying and look up for your redemption is Nye.

God’s ranger amen.

P.S. This is going to be the new pledge of allegiance of the USSA. I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAG OF THE UNITED SOCIALIST STATE’S OF AMERICA, ONE NATION UNDER OBAMA WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL THAT ACCEPT HIS MARK ALSO Christmas will soon be replaced with Obama’s day of worship. On the news it was just announced that they are looking for Obama to have his own national holiday. We truly are becoming an ‘Obambanation’

In the next update read what I have to say on the desolation that causes desecration

Saturday, November 8, 2008



This is what I saw a few years back: I had strange dream about Bill Clinton in which he was standing in front of a large, actually too large to count group of mutt dogs giving a speech. To the left of him I saw 12 black men and I don’t mean African American’s I mean the color black and they were all laughing at him. While he was speaking the mutt dog’s began to nod their heads as if in agreement with him and a voice said to me ‘this man will introduce the anti - Christ to the world.’ A few month’s back while Hillary was still in the race a reporter asked Bill a question about Obama and he said ‘how would you like to have Barrack Hussien Obama!!! as your next President?’ Well I’ll tell you something that statement alone made my skin crawl and it made me remember that dream and you know he’s been keeping it going ever since . Anyway I think within the next three and a half years we are going to have the toughest time in our history. You see I don’t think the world will come to an end as we know it but I do believe that large organized religion’s i.e. Christian’s, Jew’s or Ishmaelite’s (Muslims) are in jeopardy. By then the world as we know it will have had the worst catastrophe known to man and one third of humanity will have had been destroyed. Then Obama will seize the moment to tell the world that now is not the time for more war and that we should put aside all of our differences, especially the worst one of all, our religious difference’s. From now on all religious organization’s are outlawed. He will go on to say ‘you see I told you there was no God, only us, you see I told you before we are the ones we have been waiting for. So from now on there will only be one religion in the world and for those of you who still need it and I have chosen John Kerry to be the leader of it. So look to your left and then to your right these are your brother’s and sister’s. Now look at me I am your future.’ Then the crowed will open up with hail Obama!, hail Obama! , Hail ! …. In Mathew chapter 24 , Jesus was asked who will be affected by these thing’s when they happen , He replied that the rain’s shall fall upon just as well as the unjust . So I say to you My Brother’s and Sister’s in Christ be you not afraid lift up your heart’s and look up to the heavens for your redemption is nye and so is the coming of the King of King’s and Lord of Lord’s our savior Jesus Christ. For I know that he has given the order to the Arch angel Michael to bridle the horse’s and soon Gideon will sound the charge. So until next time , the good Lord willing, this is gods ranger signing off. Amen.
With all my love to my Brother’s and Sister’s in Christ.
Your Brother god’s ranger. Amen

Thursday, November 6, 2008


This is also the end of the world as we know it.

As some of you may remember early in July of this past summer a lady asked me if something was coming and I said a storm would start August 7th . Sure enough I awoke to the news that Russia had invaded Georgia. Well as I prayed Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39 came to me. Those chapters speak of the further aggressions gog , magog , meshack , tubal and rosh which most Biblical scholars agree that those are references to 1. Rosh = Russia 2. Meshack= Moscow . So far those are the only two thing’s that I agree with but I suspect Magog and tubal are Iran and Iraq and it is funny that when Maric did a google search for the government of Georgia that it came up as G.O.G.
Since I had my N.D.E. God has been telling me thing’s that are going to happen during the tribulation. Ever since Barrack HUSSIEN Obama beat Hillary for the Democratic nomination for President of the United State’s of America God has shown me thing’s about him that are quite disturbing to me. 1. His view on Marxism, he clearly laid out his dream for a Marxist State which is really a black man’s fascism. Because all of his ideologies’ are the same as Hitler’s except for one thing, he want’s the master race to be a black society instead of an Arian one. B.H.O.’s life and Hitler’s life are very similar except for some slight differences. Even down to the way crowds react to him it is the same look that Hitler’s crowd’s had. I was watching the History Channel one day shortly after I had seen an Obama speech and the show was about how charismatic Hitler was when he gave a speech. There was a woman in the crowd that if you super imposed the picture of her with this woman that was sitting behind Obama you would be able to match the pictures exactly. Hitler was Gods way of giving us a look at the Anti Christ. Hitler stole his countries election by force, Obama stole his election via ACORN. In the short of it they are very similar. I know there some of you that will scoff at this idea, but remember this, Jesus said he (Anti-Christ) would in peace and that he would fool the elect if it were possible. Obama is going to take us down the same road that Hitler did in WW 2 . Remember this Hitler came in war. Obama comes in telling people he’ll bring peace. Those of you that forget your past are destined to repeat it. Read Matthew 24, Ezekiel, 38, 39, and revelations 18 and 19. It will bring a lot of clarity to what I have been saying. If you are not saved by the blood of the lamb don’t put it off any longer for if you keep sitting on the fence any longer the winds will come and knock you off into something that you will not like, for you see Jesus has come to reap his harvest , separate his sheep from the goats of Barrack Hussein Obama. I know this may seem like a lot for you to digest at this time so I’ll end with this, God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son and who so ever believes in Him shall not perish but have ever lasting life. For Jesus came into this world not to condemn the laws of Moses but through Him they might be fulfilled . If you are not saved at this time please say this prayer, dear lord Jesus I know that I have sinned and every time I sin I drive a nail deeper into your wrist and cause you more pain. For this I am truly sorry and I know that if you only say the word I will be saved. So dear Lord I commend all of my being unto you and I accept the gift of pardon that you have offered me thank you Lord Jesus. In the of the father and of you Lord Jesus I now know that you are the truth, the light and that no man comes to the father save unto you. AMEN. One more thing you don’t have to believe that there is a God, but trust me I know he’s real. So until next time this is gods ranger signing off so Gods speed.

Love to all of my Brother’s and Sisters in Christ your brother gods ranger .

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